Creating Context

Storyboards, user flows, site architecture and project plans are all part of the documentation needed to ensure an efficient development process.

Storyboards, user flows, site architecture and project plans are all part of the documentation needed to ensure an efficient development process.

The first task in creating an effective marketing communications piece is to define what you want the reader to know, or more importantly, do. This same principle applies to software design. Who is the person you are trying to serve and what do they want or need? Once these objectives are determined only then can you effectively apply the components of designing an interactive solution based on the critical concepts of hierarchy, flow, function and space.

To succeed, the team leader's key objective is to create an environment where quality is the hallmark and the goals of the project are successfully achieved for the client and his customers.  Through constant communication with the project's stakeholders, "executable tests" are undertaking and a series of end-user focused documents are produced to drive a strategy that mitigates errors and prioritizes requirements for each team member. That said, change is constant and continuous design, testing, and development should be embraced throughout the product's lifecycle. 

Building Content

The blending of creativity and technology are essential to succeed in today's marketplace. Bridging the gap between these two distinct professional services to create a singular product that looks, feels and functions as intended demands a complete understanding of the relevant tools, processes and skill sets involved, regardless of the end user's choice of device or platform. 


The ability to unify a great design with a desirable product that produces an engaging user experience requires a manager who can work with cross-departmental teams in an agile and responsive manner. Collaboration, sensitivity to popular memes and a need to rely on real customer experience is vital to create and deliver on a project's vision.

 "In a world enriched by abundance but disrupted by the automation and outsourcing of white-collar work, everyone, regardless of professIon, must cultivate an artistic sensibility …"  Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind



My name is Drake White and I am seasoned product designer who has led the design strategies and development efforts and brand strategies for companies large and small.  I produced my first site in 1996 and started working in the mobile space in 2001.  Whether the end product is a complex proprietary backend software solution or a single utility for the less-is-more mobile environment, my philosophy is driven by two critical business objectives: to champion the brand and empower the user. 

I am looking for new opportunities both on a full time or on a project basis. If you are interested on how I can make your business a better business, contact me at 415.328.4829 or, eMail me. My resume can be downloaded here. 

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